Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms from your freesat product ?

  • No Satellite Signal
  • Pictures breaking up especially in bad weather
  • Some channels missing
  • Intermittent signal loss (Picture or sound)
  • Slow or sluggish channel change
  • Failed recordings
  • Intermittent lock up

The above symptoms are usually outdoor related producing poor signals from the dish. Common causes being mis-aligned or damaged dishes, faulty LNBs, obstructions caused by trees, poor cable, under sized or warped dishes. In any of these cases a Freesat Support Engineer should be able to remedy these. Just go to Servicing to book online or call TSG on 0844 247 0025.

In addition to the above outdoor symptons, there are some internal symptoms like stuttering BBC iPlayer, box stuck in standby, dead box, no channel change or no pictures at all. These are often product or cabling related, but can sometimes be down to internal interference from WiFi devices like broadband routers, cordless phone base stations, anything that uses WiFi, plus fluorescent or energy saver lights and so on. Try unplugging your freesat product as well as any sources of internal interference. Power back up your freesat product and test it. Then add back your transmitting devices one by one to see if the problem reoccurs.

TSG can rectify most internal cabling or connection issues, and often diagnose internal interference sources, but not physically repair your freesat product whilst onsite. If you suspect your product or remote control is definitely faulty, either dead, stuck in standy or no longer recording, you may wish to contact Freesat Repairs who can collect, repair & return your faulty freesat product, if viable to do so. They can even collect from your place of work or a neighbour or relatives property so you don't have to take time off work. Go to Servicing/Box Repairs

All of our Engineers have a huge amount of Technical Experience at installing and servicing satellite & aerial equipment, and can usually provide one or more practical solutions for your situation.

TSG carry out freesat installations and repairs across the UK daily.